Our Top Ideas to Create a Fully Functional Conservatory Space




If you are one of the many homeowners across the UK and in Leeds & the surrounding areas that has a conservatory space, you may be looking to transform it into a fully functioning space. Especially in recent times – you have more than likely had to make many arrangements that have completely changed life at home in particular – so being able to create a new conservatory space is a perfect use of your conservatory.


If you are thinking about installing a conservatory for your home or want to change the way you use your current conservatory, why not consider installing a Guardian Conservatory Extension or installing a Guardian Warm Replacement Roof to replace the roof of your current conservatory space? Your new or upgraded conservatory is the perfect space to relax or create a fully functioning living space. So read on to find out how to create your perfect conservatory space as well as find out some of the handy spaces that you can consider when looking to change the use of your conservatory. Use the following links to find out more about the Guardian Replacement Warm Roof as well as the Guardian Conservatory Extension.


Enjoy Your Current Conservatory All Year Round!


Many of our clients come to us with the problem that their current conservatory is either too hot in the summer or too warm in the winter. We understand the frustration that this may cause as your conservatory is a significant investment which you understandably want to use for all of the year-round! This is why the Guardian Warm Roof was designed and developed over 10 years to offer a single solution that can replace most traditional conservatory roofs to increase the thermal efficiency of your conservatory as well as ensure that your conservatory roof suits the style of your conservatory and property to the letter.


By replacing the current roof with a thermally efficient, fully insulated Guardian™ Warm Roof, your conservatory will instantly become a comfortable, quiet and enjoyable living space that you can use every single day – whatever the weather or temperature. If you are finding yourself restricted by this highly frustrating problem – we can help! With fast installation for your convenience – once this has been completed – you are ready to transform your conservatory into a fully functioning living space.


Create the Conservatory of Your Dreams


Creating your dream conservatory couldn’t be easier with our Guardian Conservatory Extensions. Guardian Conservatory Extensions are built using SIP Panels and are fabricated off-site then delivered and erected within two to three weeks to avoid the chaos of having builders on-site for months on end. With a number of different finishes available – we can match and style your conservatory to suit your home to ensure that your new conservatory is the perfect fit.


Now that you have your dream conservatory installed or you have arranged to replace your conservatory roof – or you have a conservatory already and want some inspiration, here are some of our top picks that are amazing living ideas for your conservatory:


Creating a Fully Functional Office Space


With many facing or currently undergoing the trials of working from home – you may find that you don’t have a fully functional or relaxing workspace where you can crack on with the task at hand. With all of the family also likely at home – you likely want to avoid any loud distractions during that all-important conference call with your boss. Creating a fully functional and quiet working space is perfect when choosing your conservatory. You can set up your office as well as other things that you may need and ensure that you can work undistracted from home. This is also highly important for your well-being as it’s hard to separate life and work when you are having to do so from home.


Create a Fit-For-Purpose Utility Room


Another fantastic idea if you are looking for peace and quiet – your washing machine or tumble dryer is likely becoming that much louder now that you are at home and it’s likely being used daily to remove all those grass and mud stains from the garden. If you find that your laundry appliances are causing you a massive headache or that these bulky appliances are making it harder to get around your kitchen for example – you can create an awesome space to tuck away all of your loud appliances to give you peace and quiet when around your home.


Create a Wonderful Home Cinema


Always wanted a home cinema with all of the gizmos and gadgets such as a huge screen, surround sound and even a fully functioning drinks area or bar? Why not create your own home cinema space in your conservatory? The acoustics will be great in your conservatory and you have heaps of space which allow you to create a fully immersive and fun room for all of the family to enjoy.


Get Rid of That Gym Membership – Create Your Own Gym!


One that can save you a lot of money on your gym membership & you may find that you currently unable to go to your normal gym, why not stay healthy and build your own personal gym? You can purchase gym equipment such as a running machine, weight rack, training bicycle or rowing machine and kit out your gym complete with a large amount of space available in your conservatory. Why not consider installing our Velux Windows in your conservatory? These products help create bright, healthy, energy-efficient places in which to live, work, learn and play. The natural light and increased fresh-air flow in your conservatory can aid in exercise and make your exercise routine extremely enjoyable. Plus everyone can enjoy your new gym area!


One of the most awesome things about owning a conservatory is that there are a huge amount of spaces that you can create. You can also chop and change certain spaces when you need to, which is perfectly suited for those who want to change their arrangements every couple of months!


Got an idea that you’ve wanted to try or used before and didn’t make our list? Let us know in the comment section or follow us on Facebook and let us know!


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