I currently have a glass roof conservatory and am interested in changing to a solid roof like yours. Would I need to obtain planning permission to complete this?

Solid Tiled Conservatory RoofPlanning permission is not needed to change your conservatory roof but building control approval is recommended. The Guardian Warm Roof has full LABC approval and this will help speed up the process. Guardian also has a special rate with local authorities. Your local installer knows exactly how to deal with this and will take care of the paperwork. 

What guarantees do homeowners get with a guardian warm roof? 

Guardian has guarantees on the materials they supply to their network of 23 fabricators (the manufacturers). The UK fabricators build each tailor-made roof in their workshop before supplying it to the local installers (Team Guardian members). The external products such as insulation, timber etc will typically have their guarantees. All Team Guardian members will offer a comprehensive written guarantee on their workmanship including the installation. 

Why should we invest in a guardian roof? 

The Guardian Warm Roof was the first fully insulated, lightweight Solid Roof system on the market and is not just the market leader, it’s also the most popular warm roof in the Uk. A Guardian Roof will extend your living space and increase the value of your home. Replacing your old Conservatory Roof with a Guardian Warm Roof System will give you the living space you presumed you were getting when you originally had your conservatory installed. The Guardian Roof carried full LABC Approval and delivers a quite incredible U Value of 0.18.

How do other people use their conservatory when they’ve had a Guardian Roof fitted? 

People use the extra usable space the Guardian Warm Roof as a place to retreat and relax. Some people use their sunrooms for family rooms, library/reading room, dining and entertaining areas, as a playroom for children, an office, gym, a room to gaze up at the stars or simply a room to relax in on your Sunday afternoon. The possibilities are truly endless. 

How can I reduce the temperature in my conservatory? 

Conservatories have improved within the last 10 years and the older style conservatories always get hot in the summer due to their glass or polycarbonate roofs. A new thermally efficient Guardian Warm Roof will ensure your conservatory maintains its temperature all year round, keeping it cool in the summer and warm in the winter. 

Why does a new conservatory roof reduce the temperature? 

A Guardian Warm Roof reduces the temperature in your conservatory. The roof system is made from a pre-engineered lightweight frame, 2 layers of rigid insulation board, internal insulated plasterboard, exterior grade plywood and a vapour membrane. All of this gives you a thermally efficient space in your home. Compare this to the older style glass or polycarbonate roofs and you can understand why there is such a difference in temperature. Guardian roofs are fully tested and approved to all thermal and structural standards and keep the warm air out in the summer and prevent heat from escaping in the winter giving you savings to your energy bills as well as making it a usable space in your home. 

How does a new conservatory roof regulate the temperature?

TilesOlder style conservatories which have glass roofs get hot due to the sun shining through. You can have special types of glass that act as a filter between the two accepting the sunlight whilst reducing the amount of the sun’s heat that’s transmitted into a conservatory through the glass, however, it wasn’t commonly used in the construction of older style conservatories. 

Older style polycarbonate roofs make your conservatory hot as polycarbonate isn’t a great thermal insulator and is unable to keep the warmth in when the temperatures drop and the heat out when the sun is out making your conservatory feel like an unbearably hot greenhouse.

A conservatory that has been built well, with good foundations and a UPVC structure can last for 20 years, however, a solid conservatory roof is crucial for its longevity and a new tiled Guardian Warm Roof will give your home a new lease of life and make it usable and attractive for years to come. 

How does a new conservatory roof increase the temperature in the Winter? 

A Guardian Warm Roof system will increase the temperature in your conservatory in the winter from its high performance insulated roof system which doesn’t allow the heat generated from your central heating to escape. 

How can I update my conservatory? 

You can transform the look of an older style conservatory. Inside and out just from updating its roof. A new Guardian Warm Roof can be designed and manufactured to blend in with your home and will make it cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter so you can use it all year round. 

My conservatory is looking old and tired, what can I do?

You can change the look of your conservatory and give it a new lease of life with a new tiled Guardian Warm Roof. It will transform its look outside, make it look modern on the inside and with its new regulated temperature it will be comfortable to use all year round. 

My conservatory roof is dirty and old, what can I do? 

Glass and polycarbonate roofs on older style conservatories are hard to maintain and keep looking presentable, and even when it’s just been cleaned you will see smudges and drink marks. A new tiled Guardian Warm Roof takes away any need for regular cleaning and will give it a modern and contemporary look and feel inside out. 

How can I keep my conservatory warm? 

Changing your old conservatory roof with Guardian Warm Roof it will keep your conservatory warm in the colder months from its high performance 4 plus layered insulated roof system. Guardian roofs are fully tested and approved to all thermal and structural standards and will save you money on your energy bills in the long run. 

Should I consider knocking down my conservatory and starting again? 

It depends on how old your conservatory is and how it was first built whether you will be able to update it with a new Guardian Warm Roof, or if you will need your old one knocked down and a new one built. In most circumstances, a new tiled Guardian Roof can be used to replace your old one due to its lightweight design which will transform your conservatory inside and out. 

One of our Guardian Warm Roof experts will come out to your home and can quickly establish if a new roof on your old structure is possible. They will check: 

  • The building is structurally sound. 
  • Review any alterations which could affect the original structure.
  • The foundations will be checked to ensure their suitability for any increased loading which is normally not relevant as Guardian Roofs have been designed and manufactured as lightweight to solve this problem. 
  • The conservatory window framework will be assessed to check it is structurally sound. 
  • In most cases, a new Guardian Roof system is an option but if not then we can build you a new conservatory or a Guardian home extension with a Guardian Roof and can talk to you about this in further detail. 

We don’t use our conservatory and it is a wasted space? 

If you don’t use your conservatory then it is normally because it is too hot or too cold. This can easily result in the space will be used for storage. Updating your conservatory with a new Guardian Warm Roof can change its look inside and out, making it modern and contemporary as well as a comfortable and usable space to relax in. 

Why choose a Guardian for a new conservatory roof? 

Guardian is the expert in constructing new conservatory roofs. We will support you with the planning, design and style of your new roof, including the measurements, installation and all your internal finishing touches. We will take the stress out of the whole process, allowing you to sit back during installation and enjoy your new space once it is completed. 

My conservatory isn’t a standard size can I still have a new roof fitted? 

Yes, all of our Guardian Roofs are made to measure which means they are manufactured to your specific conservatory style and measurements so they can be used for non-standard sized conservatories. 

How long does it take to have a new conservatory roof fitted? 

It depends on the size of your conservatory but on average it can take anything from a few days to a week. As the roof comes pre-assembled there is minimal disruption to you and your home. Our team are professional, courteous and will make sure there is minimal mess and impact on you and your families lives. 

What are the benefits of a new guardian conservatory roof? 

  • Your conservatory will stay cool in the summer and stay warm in the winter. 
  • It will give it a modern and elegant look from outside. 
  • It will look modern and contemporary inside.
  • Your conservatory will be a new, comfortable and usable space in your home for you to enjoy. 
  • You can have Velux windows fitted in your new roof for extra natural light. 
  • It will look like a brand new conservatory inside and out when it is completed. 

How can I ensure that my conservatory roof looks in keeping with my home? 

There are so many different tile colours and styles available to choose from when you have a new Guardian Warm Roof fitted and we can offer a solid roof solution for virtually any shape or size, offering a fully bespoke replacement conservatory roof service. 

What options are there when choosing a Guardian Warm Roof? 

For the outside, the Guardian Warm Roof comes with a huge range of roof tiles to choose from to keep it in keeping with your home. For the inside, you can choose a modern, plastered finish or if it is naturally bright you may decide to go with a timber finish. You can enhance the light entering your conservatory by adding skylights as well as contemporary L.E.D spotlights to bring the room to life in the darker evenings. We offer a completely bespoke replacement roof service and we will guide you through the many choices and decisions for your new conservatory roof. 

How can I update my conservatories polycarbonate roof?

An older style polycarbonate conservatory roof is easy to update if the rest of the conservatory structure is solid and safe for a new roof to be added. One of our Guardian experts can come to your home or business and quickly establish if it is an option for you and you can quickly start the process of revamping your conservatory with a replacement tiled roof by Guardian. 

If I change the roof on my conservatory to a solid roof will it make it dark?

No, you can choose to have Velux Roof Windows fitted to give you additional light, however, your new plastered interior, lighting and sun shining in through the windows will give your conservatory a light feel. 

Can I spruce up my conservatory? 

By changing the roof on your old conservatory, you can transform it into a light, airy and stunning living space which will be warm in the winter and cool in the summer. You will be amazed how it will transform the look of your garden as well as it will look like a new conservatory all over again. 

Can I have roof lights in a new tiled conservatory roof? 

Yes, you can have a roof light windows fitted in a new tiled conservatory roof. At Guardian Roof’s we use Velux Roof windows in our new conservatory roofs and will help with this at the design stage. 

At Guardian, we understand that one of the joys of a conservatory is the light and airy atmosphere it creates, bringing inside living space into your garden and vice versa. We appreciate there is nothing nicer than sitting and enjoying the view of your garden in the comfort of your conservatory. 

What are the benefits of Velux Roof Windows? 

Velux conservatory roof windows are modern and thermally efficient, giving you a practical and alternative option for ventilation as well as the additional natural light they offer. Velux are easy to use with blind and double glazing options available for sound and heat protection. 

What is LABC, in relation to a conservatory roof?

LABC stands for Local Authority Building Control. LABC represents all local authority building control teams in England and Wales. The Guardian Warm Roof solid tiled roof is a strong, lightweight tiled roof and is fully approved by the Local Authority Building Control.

Can I use a Guardian Roof on an extension to my home? 

Yes, our Guardian Warm Roof systems are ideal for new extensions. 

Do I need building regulations to replace a conservatory roof? 

Most new build conservatories with either a solid, tiled or glazed roof will not need planning permission as they are covered under ‘permitted development’ if they are under certain square footage. Building Regulations will apply if you want to build an extension on your home, but not far a conservatory as long as certain conditions are met. 

What is a thermally efficient conservatory roof? 

A thermally efficient conservatory roof will have been designed with a high performance insulated roof system which has several layers of insulation. The Guardian Warm Roof is made from, a pre-engineered lightweight frame, 2 layers of rigid insulation board, internal insulated plasterboard, exterior grade plywood and a vapour membrane and all of this gives you a thermally efficient space inside your home. 

What are the benefits of a solid Guardian conservatory tiled roof replacement?

The Guardian Warm Roof is ultra-efficient and modern achieving a maximum U value of 0.18 W/m2K. This enables a conservatory to be used as extra living space all year around. Keeping it cool in the summer and warm in the winter. The Guardian Warm Roof is also fully approved by the LABC and is fully guaranteed. 

How much will a new conservatory roof cost? 

A new conservatory roof will vary depending on the size of your conservatory. You can easily get more information, download a brochure or request an estimation online. 

What can I expect from Guardian Roofs Leeds? 

Our team are experts in new conservatory and extensions, they have the knowledge and experience to help you design your new roof system, they will help and advise you on any building regulations that are required, delivering an efficient and sound installation service that is guaranteed and be professional throughout your journey with us. 

Why would I choose a Guardian for my new conservatory roof? 

Guardian Roofs Leeds is the leading manufacturer of the Guardian Warm Roof and Guardian Extensions in Leeds and West Yorkshire. As part of the NECS group, we have been fabricating and supplying roofs to the conservatory and solid roof markets to the highest standards for the last 10 years. We pride ourselves on doing things differently within the industry, introducing innovative processes and are always looking to enhance not only our own but our partner’s reputation.

 We are recognised for delivering innovative products, fabricated, erected and photographed at each stage of production in our professional production facility. This allows you to see the progress of your roof throughout the process. 

Why Should I replace my conservatory roof? 

By removing your old conservatory roof and replacing it with a new Guardian Warm Roof you will completely change the appearance of your home and garden. Your conservatory will look like an extension to your home and by choosing tiles that match the style of your home, you will have all of the benefits of a ground floor extension, alongside the convenience and style of a conservatory.