Have you arrived home to find that your conservatory roof is leaking? Well, you need to act fast to ensure this does not develop into a much larger problem. With polycarbonate roofs only having a lifespan of about 20 years, leaks can creep up on you. So, how do we fix them, in the blog post we will be giving you the best practice for those who are dealing with conservatory roof leaks and what approach you need to take to get it sorted as soon as possible?  


The Different Forms of Conservatory Roof Leak


First, we need to understand where the leaks are coming from. As the years go on the weather can cause some irreversible damage to your roof. Regardless of the roof type, several extremely common issues occur. Below we will be giving a clear breakdown of the most common issues we see with leaking roofs. 


Leaking Roof Windows


Often when a conservatory roof is fitted there will be an option to have roof windows installed. Fitted with an easy lock mechanism they are great for promoting natural light within the living space but they also have a tendency to leak as the years go on. These roof windows are not sealed like the rest of the roof panels which can lead to leaks forming as the year’s pass. Repairing a leaking roof window in your conservatory can be as straight forward as resealing but you may lose the ability to open and close this window.  


Leaking Roofing Pannels 


If you find that the leak is originating from the roof panels themself this is a much larger problem. This usually means that the waterproof seal which was initially used has worn away causing the panels to have come loose. Either way, this may mean you have to have the entire conservatory roof replaced which is a much more secure solution and will help ensure that this issue does not return in the future. Roof panels can be purchased individually but the installation can be complexed as most roofs are made bespoke to your requirements. 


Long-Term Effects of A Leaking Conservatory Roof 


Getting to the bottom of a leaking conservatory roof has to be your number one priority when you first notice the leak. If left to develop, a small leak can grow much larger not only damaging a larger area of the roof but also the possessions found within. Water damage can be extremely costly so taking the time to make sure the problem is properly resolved before you turn your attention elsewhere. Even after the problem is taken care of its crucial that you keep a close eye to ensure no mold forms in the area of the leak. 


How to Fix A Leaking Conservatory Roof


Fixing a conservatory roof leak is a case of three simple steps, the first of which is getting in contact with a reliable conservatory roof specialist. In most cases, a leak will develop in too much larger problems down the line so the whole roof will require replacing. For this reason, you must contact a trusted roofing company with experience in replacing conservatory roofs. 


The second step is getting them out to quote the work. Not every job will cost the same so its worth having them out beforehand to price up the work before it comes to the day of the repair. This ensures that you are fully aware of the costs involved with the work before you plan to go ahead and have the roof replaced. 


Finally, book a date and have the repair taken care of. A leaking roof is one of the first ways wear and tear will show on your conservatory. By replacing the roof completely you can add another 20-30 years of the lives to the conservatory which will.