Replacing a Traditional Conservatory Roof With Guardian

Solid Insulated Conservatory Roof

Homeowners with traditional conservatories often face the frustrating issue of having a conservatory that they cannot enjoy all year round. Due to the fact that a traditional conservatory is a significant investment, the fact that you cannot use your conservatory to its full potential is a huge disadvantage of older style conservatories.


We have the answer and this is why we developed the Guardian Warm Roof System! This innovative conservatory roof is designed to look stylish, offer enhanced and superior thermal efficiency and to reduce noise. This system is also designed to increase noise resistance to ensure that you are able to enjoy the peace and quiet of your conservatory all year round. This article discusses why you should consider the Guardian Warm Roof System as well as goes into detail as to why polycarbonate conservatory roofing is not fit for purpose for your conservatory. To find out more – get in touch with our friendly team or take a look at our website.


Why Do Polycarbonate Roofs Cause Issues With Your Conservatory?


Polycarbonate is largely used as a material for conservatory roofing due to the fact that it is cheap and easy to mass-manufacture. Although polycarbonate seems to be an appropriate option, the material causes a wide range of issues that make conservatories extremely unpleasant in the winter and summer months. The lack of thermal efficiency and noise resistance results in a roof that is unable to support the conservatory effectively in extreme weather. Other issues that may occur with polycarbonate conservatory roofing is leaks from the roof of the conservatory as well as mould forming within the conservatory space or on the roof.


This is why we developed the Guardian Warm Roof System. This innovative conservatory roof system was developed over a ten year period with one purpose – to replace the traditional typical glass or polycarbonate roofs that were used in the construction of most UK conservatories. The main focus when in development was on the dynamics and the performance of the roofing system. The weight of the system was always a big priority as the roofing system needs to be installed onto pre-existing conservatory windows, frames and doors. This process also included very vigorous testing for compliance and approval to very vigorous structural and thermal standards. The result is a wonderful replacement conservatory roof which can solve the various issues that many homeowners face with a traditional conservatory.


What Styles of Guardian Roof Are Available?


As there are a number of different conservatory styles – we can offer a solid roof solution for virtually any shape or size. We offer a full bespoke replacement roof service, even if your conservatory style is not displayed on our website to ensure that you can upgrade your conservatory roof. On the outside of your Guardian roof there are a great range of roof tiles available to choose from to best match your home. On the inside, you can choose from a modern plastered or timber finish to suit your style and requirements. You can also enhance the light into the room by adding a skylight or two and to finish off, why not add some contemporary l.E.D spotlights to bring the room to life in the dark winter evenings?


Find Out More About the Guardian Warm Roof

Conservatory Roof with window

The Guardian Warm Roof is perfectly suited to replace your current conservatory roof should you be suffering from all the drawbacks of polycarbonate or glass conservatory roofing. Our excellent solution is perfectly suited to help you enjoy your conservatory all year round.


To find out more about the Guardian Warm Roof or any other products that we have available, get in touch today to find out more!