Best Type Of Conservatory Roof Discussed By Guardian Roofs UK

There are benefits and disadvantages to different types of conservatory roofs and our ‘Best Type of Conservatory Roof. This article will tell you everything you need to know explaining in detail the benefits of a new Tiled Conservatory Roof. 

What is the best type of conservatory roof?

The best type of conservatory roof is now a solid conservatory roof often referred to as a tiled conservatory roof or warm roof and in recent years these have no started to replace glass and polycarbonate roofs due to the many benefits that the roofs offer. 

The History Of Conservatories 

Conservatories first came about in the 16th century when they were first used by wealthy landowners to cultivate fruits which were then used for cooking and dinner accompaniments. They were also used as greenhouses for growing plants and flowers due to the warmth and protection they gave from the elements. The earliest conservatories were made of wooden panels with glass and simply offered basic protection from the elements and warmth from the plants and fruits that they usually thrive in. 

Many cities, especially those in colder climates built municipal conservatories to display tropical plants and flowers. This type of conservatory was popular in the early nineteenth century. At the end of the 19th Century homeowners started to use their conservatory was much more important and they were first made from glass panels. Since this time they have changed and progressed in looks and structure. They have become extremely popular for homeowners to further expand their homes due to their easy construction, low cost and add extra space.

Types Of Conservatory Roofs

  1. Glass
  2. Polycarbonate 
  3. Solid/Tiled

Benefits of A Solid/Tiled Conservatory Roof

Double Hipped Conservatory

Conservatory constructions and materials have developed significantly over the last few years and there are now many more options available which offer many benefits. A conservatory can add additional space to a property and provide a modern indoor space which perfectly connects you to the outdoors. If your conservatory is over 15 years old it is more than likely the roof will need to be replaced to ensure your room is comfortable and usable all year around. 


Solid conservatory roofs are becoming an extremely popular choice when it comes to conservatories if you are thinking about just replacing and updating its roof or having a new conservatory built. Conservatories are usually known for being a summer room that could open up merging the conservatory and the warm outdoors. If you replace your glass conservatory roof with a new tiled conservatory roof will transform it into what looks like a more permanent ground floor extension externally and offering a modern and bright internal space. 


Solid Conservatory roofs come in a huge variety of ranges, styles, colours and are manufactured to your specifications and your exact measurements. You can choose to match the tiles to your home or you can go for something completely different as a contrast. Whichever option you choose it will transform your home inside and out. 


Tiled conservatory roofs are extremely thermally efficient and will enable you to use your conservatory in the summer and the winter. The solid tiles and insulation make their thermal efficiency which reduces your heating bills and keep the temperature regulated and comfortable all year round. 


A solid tiled conservatory roof is minimal maintenance if any at all. 

Versatility & Cost

A tiled conservatory roof can easily replace your existing roof, which means you don’t need to start all over with, saving you a lot of money. As long as your conservatory structure is sound then it will be easily and quickly replaced. 

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