There are many advantages and disadvantages to different types of conservatory roofs and our ‘Tiled Conservatory Roof Replacement Leeds’ blog post will tell you everything you need to know to explain to you in detail the benefits of a tiled conservatory roof replacement available in Leeds and the surrounding areas. 

The History Of Conservatories 

Did you know that conservatories have been around since the 16th Century? During this century they were first used solely by wealthy landowners to cultivate fruits which would be used for cooking and other condiments. They were also used as greenhouses for growing plants and flowers due to their warmth and protection they gave away from the outside elements.

Many cities, especially those in colder climates would build conservatories to display tropical plants and flowers, this type of conservatory was mostly used in the 19th Century. At the end of the 19th Century, people started using conservatories for social events and as additional rooms in their homes. Since then the look and structure of conservatories have changed – the current structure is a very popular option for homeowners who wish to extend their homes due to their cost, construction time and extra space they offer. 

What Is The Best Type Of Conservatory Roof? 


The best type of conservatory roof is a solid conservatory roof which is now often referred to as a tiled roof or a warm roof and in recent years these have now started to replace the older style glass and polycarbonate roofs due to the vast amount of benefits they offer. 

What Are The Advantages Of A Tiled Conservatory Roof? 

Conservatory constructions and the materials used have developed significantly over the last few years and even now there are many more options available which offer many benefits. A conservatory can add additional space to your home and provide a space which connects you to the outdoor world with ease. If your conservatory is over 15 years old it is more than likely that your roof will need replacing to ensure your room is comfortable and usable throughout the year.


Solid conservatory roofs are becoming an extremely popular choice when it comes to conservatories if you are thinking about just replacing and updating its roof or having a new conservatory built. Conservatories were traditionally a summer room that you could open up the doors and use whilst you were in your garden but they are now being transformed with solid tiled roofs that enable you to use the room all year round. Replacing your glass or polycarbonate conservatory roof with a new tiled conservatory roof will transform it into what looks like a more permanent ground floor extension externally and offering a modern and bright internal space that the whole family and your friends will enjoy using. 


Solid conservatory roofs come in a huge range of styles and colours meaning you can have your conservatory roof to match the existing style of your home or go for something different to make your conservatory stand out. Whichever you choose you will transform your conservatory and home internally and externally. 


Solid conservatory roofs are extremely durable and hard-wearing exactly like the roof on your property. Most manufacturers and suppliers of solid tiled conservatory roofs offer over 10 years plus guarantees after installation and will probably last a lot longer than this. A new solid tiled roof also provides additional strength and support to the structure of your existing conservatory which is another added benefits to your home. 

Energy Efficiency 

Tiled conservatory roofs are extremely thermally efficient and will enable you to use your space in the summer and winter, compared to glass or polycarbonate roof which makes it too hot in the summer and too cold in the winter. The solid tiles help with insulation and make their thermal energy which will help you reduce your heating bills and keep its temperature regulated and comfortable all year round, which makes them a perfect conservatory roof replacement. 


A solid tiled conservatory roof is minimal maintenance if any at all, compared to a polycarbonate or glass roof. With polycarbonate and glass roofs you will have to clean each slate individually whereas with tiled conservatory roofs they will need gutting but that is is. 

Versatility & Cost 

A tiled conservatory roof can easily replace a glass or polycarbonate roof meaning you don’t have to start all over again and have a whole new conservatory and this will save you a lot of money in the long run. As long as your conservatory structure is sound then it is easily and quickly replaced. A reputable company will offer a free home visit to assess your existing conservatory to ensure it is stable enough for a new tiled roof from Guardian Roofs Leeds.

Construction Time 

Here at Guardian Roofs Leedsyour conservatory can be replaced in just days as its main structure is manufactured off-site and brought to your property, the tiles and panels are designed to slot together making installation quick and easy. 



A new solid tiled conservatory roof won’t give you the open views to the sky, however, you have the option to install roof lights or Velux windows which will ensure you will be able to see out on bright days and the evening stars. 

Guardian Roofs Leeds 

We are the Guardian Roof experts and can help you choose the right roof option for you and your conservatory. Guardian Warm Roofs are solid tiled roofs which are lightweight, thermally efficient and fully insulated enabling you to your conservatory throughout the entirety of the year. If you would like more information on tiled conservatory roof replacement in Leeds please contact us today on 01772 977 942