Conservatory roofs are often made out of glass or polycarbonate roofing panels, these materials help to promote natural lighting within the living space and creating the room for the whole family to enjoy. 


Solid conservatory roofs offer a great alternative to glass and polycarbonate roofing solutions. Designed to offer the homeowner with a highly insulated living room, solid roofs are fast becoming the most popular conservatory roof solution out there on the market. 


The Guardian Warm Roof System 


Guardian have developed one of the most efficient solid conservatory roofs available on the market. Constructed out of the highest quality components and materials, this roof will be more than capable to withstand the test of time. 


What Are Guardian Roofs Made of? 


Guardian Warm Roofs are a solid roof solution which is available in a wide range of colours and design finished. Whilst each conservatory roof is made bespoke for your home requirements, they follow strict construction regulations which guarantee quality. Each conservatory roof is made out of the following materials:


Timber Cladding


Before a new solid conservatory roof is added to the existing structure timber cladding must be fitted to the top side of window frames. Providing a durable surface to fit the rest of the conservatory roof onto, timber cladding is extremely strong whilst under the additional weight of a solid roof system. 


Guardian Ventilated Ring Beam 


Attached to the timber cladding the Guardian ring beam offers great protection to the timber cladding whilst creating efficient ventilation for the rest of the structure. The ring beam comes with clear fittings which aid the construction of the rest of the Guardian Roof. 


Aluminium Rafters, Ridges & Wall Plates 


Once the ring beam has been fitted the aluminium framework can be added, offering exceptional strength and durability for the rest of the structure. Prefabricated off-site for quality, each component of the roof is designed to fit together perfectly with no room for drafts.


Structural Weatherproof Plyboard


Acting as the first layer of insulation, the structural weatherproof plyboard is a flat surface with the strength needed to withstand the further layers of insulation added at a later stage. Each panel of plyboard has a designated location which eliminates all chance of leaks, even in the worst of the British weather. 


Guardian Breathable Waterproof Membrane 


The high-performance Guardian insulation is now fitted to the plyboard using a staple gun. Offering direct protection against the coldest of weather, this membrane is used on all Guardian Roofs and finds the right balance between weight and efficiency. 


Guardian Roof Tiles 


Each solid Guardian Roof is fitted with a tile of your choice. This can be an exact match to the tiles found on the rest of your home or this may be one of the chosen Guardian Supplied tiles. Tiles are a fundamental part of any solid conservatory roof as they create a weatherproof finish which helps prevent against any leaks.


Guardian Ridge Caps, Ends And Crowns


Now the ridge caps, ends and crowns are used to finish off the solid roof creating a sleek and stylish aesthetics to your new solid roof. These caps not only improve the aesthetics of the conservatory roof but they also help add to the weatherproofing of the structure. 


These are all the different materials used within the Guardian Warm Roof System. We hope that you have found this blog post useful and that it helps you with your next steps.