Which Conservatory Roof Solution Is Best? 

Conservatories have always been the most popular home extension solution on the market. With these structures consisting of no less than 75% of the roof area made of translucent material, they are designed to promote natural lighting creating an inviting living space which is perfect for coming together with the family. 

With this abundance of translucent material comes a serious lack of insulation. There are very few walls in place which can hold insulation, therefore, creating a living space which tends to match the temperature outside. The home extension that you have always dreamt about has now become a part of the home that you are rarely able to use. 

To make the most out of this living space you’re going to need to equip your conservatory with an extra layer of insulation. In this blog post, we will be discussing a couple of the main conservatory roof solutions on the market. 

Polycarbonate Conservatory Roof 

This style of conservatory roof can be found in nearly every newly fitted conservatory as standard. Perfect for keeping the initial building costs down, this lightweight roofing solution offers a quick and easy finish to the structure, unfortunately, it packs next to no insulation which can lead to temperature control problems down the line. These roofs are a great first option if you are now investing in a conservatory for the first time but if you’re looking for a solution which offers top-end performance I highly recommend you continue reading to the end of the blog post. 

Glass Conservatory Roof 

A slightly less common conservatory roof option on the market is glass. Whilst it may be perfect for creating a natural lighting rich living space, unfortunately, this material is not amazing when it comes to heating performance. Glass may offer more insulation than polycarbonate thanks to its extra thickness but this will create little to no noticeable difference when it comes to the heart of winter. This roofing solution also tends to show the wear and tear developed over the years more easily. The transparent roofing panels will start to go green with moss and other green growth as the years pass by. This is far from the best roofing solution on the market but it still offers a great alternative to polycarbonate roofing panels. 

Flat Conservatory Roof

Flat conservatory roofs are far from the standard here in the United Kingdom. Nearly all converter installation companies use one of the many other solutions to create a raised roof which feeds straight into a guttering system. Whilst flat roofing is not the standard it still offers a great alternative to the traditional conservatory roofing solution. As this is a solid roof you can pack many layers of quality insulation in between the living space and the external part of the roof, creating better temperature control and energy efficiency. A great option for someone who may not have the budget in place for a professional warm roof system, flat roofing can offer you the added benefits of insulation without the full price tag. 

Guardian Conservatory Roof

Guardian Warm Roof Systems are the industry-leading option when it comes to improving the insulation found in the property and creating an all year round living space. Offering multiple layers of top-end insulation paired with factory constructed roofing fittings. You can be sure that this conservatory roof will not only help keep the living space warm but it will offer draft-free living for you and your family to enjoy. Are you ready to leap into the new year with a home improvement project that delivers exceptional benefits to your everyday life, well then a Guardian Roof is the solution for you?